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An In-depth Guide on How to Reduce Your Website Translation Costs


In today’s globalized business environment, having a multilingual website is necessary. Expanding your business into new markets necessitates making your digital content accessible by translating it into the local languages. However, the intricate translation process from sentence and phrase to business translation services and localization translation can be budget-draining.

Website translation can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when handled by traditional translation and localization companies. It’s not just about translating sentences or phrases; it’s also about maintaining the feel, message, and tone of your original content while considering cultural differences.

Professional business language translators might need to translate your language into the target one. Still, the translation price might be hefty. Fortunately, businesses can reduce translation costs by modifying their approach to localization translation, Here’s how:


Leverage on Translation Memory Systems:

Website translators often use translation memory systems. This tool stores sentence and phrase translations used in the past. The system enables the translator to reuse these translations, reducing the time spent translating similar or recurring content. It can significantly reduce the translation price by speeding up the translation workflow, and it ensures consistency across all translations.


Setting Up Translation Style Guides and Glossaries:

Developing a style guide and glossary that includes terminologies, phrases, and sentence structures can drastically reduce translation costs in the long run. It is a reference point for translators, eliminating the need for continuous consultations or unnecessary corrections.

These resources help maintain consistency across different languages and save considerable time for the translator, ultimately cutting down the translation costs.


Choose the Right Translation Platform:

Adopting a well-integrated translation platform can reduce translation costs significantly. Platforms specially designed for website translation streamline the translation workflow and reduce the burden on your team.

These platforms offer features like automatic language detection, machine translation with human review for quality assurance, and seamless integration with your website’s code. Choosing a capable translation platform can simplify the translation process, making it time-efficient, less costly, and more reliable.


Take Advantage of Machine Translation:

Machine translation technology has made significant progress over the years, and many businesses are taking advantage of this affordable translation method. Businesses can spend far less on initial translations because of this method.

However, caution should be exercised as machine translation cannot perfectly emulate the fluency and cultural sensitivity that human translators can provide. Hence, for critical translations, you may opt for post-edited machine translation, where the initial translation is done by machine, and a human translator checks the output.


Use Content Management System (CMS) Integrations:

Many translation platforms now support integration with content management systems (CMS). Integration simplifies the translation process by enabling content extraction directly from your CMS, translating it, and then uploading it back to your CMS.

This seamless integration can significantly reduce translation costs by eliminating the need for manual copy-pasting of translations, thereby accelerating the translation workflow.


Localize only Necessary Content:

Not all content on your website needs translation. Be selective in choosing what content you want to translate. Prioritize high-impact pages and content essential for the local audience.

By localizing only necessary content, you can reduce the scope of your translation project and, by extension, the cost. This way, you optimize the use of business translation services cost-effectively.


Partner with Professional Localization Companies:

Although it seems paradoxical, working with an experienced localization business may save you money. Professional business language translator’s expertise in localization translation ensures high-quality translations.

They know and understand local culture, traditions, and languages, which can prevent potentially costly mistakes or misunderstandings. They can guarantee a culturally appropriate and accurate translation, ensuring you don’t face backlash or loss of reputation in the new market.


Negotiate Rates:

Lastly, do not hesitate to negotiate rates with your translation service provider. While quality should not be compromised, it’s essential to have a clear discussion about your budget constraints. In many instances, vendors may offer discounts for long-term partnerships or high-volume projects.

Reducing translation costs does not necessarily mean sacrificing translation quality. You can optimize your budget and translation workflow by employing smart strategies like leveraging translation memory systems, creating style guides and glossaries, choosing the right translation platform, and partnering with proficient localization companies.

Remember, website translation is an investment that can yield a high return by opening new markets for your business. So, strategize wisely and translate your language most cost-effectively for sustained success in the global arena.


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