Lingo Translation & Services is a Qatari company that provides translation, interpretation, and other associated services at all levels, we support more than 20 major and important languages, the company has adopted a code of honor and has pledged to balance between its economic benefits and Quality standards, as well as the full commitment to professionalism.


Why should you try our services?

  1. Fast Turnaround: Our wide-range of translators enables us to accomplish any task in record time and within the time-frame agreed with the client.
  2.   High Quality of Translation: QA process allows delivering excellent translations while continuously improving the overall quality.
  3. Competitive Prices: Nevertheless, prices vary from document to another subject to the topic of translation whether Medical, Legal, Technical, etc. We assure you of the best rates with the highest quality.
  4. Native Translators: To get an accurate translation, we use the proper native translator of each pair-languages.
  5. Dedicated Support: Many Clients adopted specific terminologies and particular vocabularies; therefore, Our Project managers will be in touch with you all the time to guarantee your convenience in this regard.
  6. Documents Confidentiality: We are highly committed the work ethics and Codes of honor, including but not limited to the Information Confidentiality of our clients